June 2, 2009

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Michel "Can't spell Michael properly cos I'm French" Gondry

Charlie "Get some Benelyn and sort out that" Kaufman
Michel "You stupeed Ireesh, zat is ow you spell my name" Gondry

Lloyd Christmas
Yer wan from Titanic
Fucking Frodo
Mary Jane Watson from Spiderman

In a time when people can't deal with breaking up, they use a machine to completely remove their ex from their memory.
Ireland has 4 million of these on order to rid our memories of Fianna Fáil, among other things.

Yer wan from Titanic looks hawt in blue hair, red hair, green hair and she has that weird wanna do her but don't know why vibe going on.

Lloyd Christmas reverts to his child self at one stage and Fucking Frodo and Mary Jane Watson from Spiderman do some stuff to Lloyd Christmas' mind that makes it eternally sunshiny because it's spotless, or something.

This fillum is harder to follow than Stephen Hawking's wheelchair instructions. By it's very name it will leave your mind properly spotless because your mind will pack it's bags and fuck right off out of protest.
Gondry takes a great big bottle of mind Cif and scrubs away every last thread of your being, but because he leaves behind a pleasant lemony scent, all is forgiven.
A fillum you'll be scratching your head after, but that's ok because we can't remember what was in there to begin with.

That's all I can say, I can't say no more.

Like time travel during hypnosis coming down from an acid trip.
Back your mind up to your hard drive before you watch this fillum, you'll need to reboot it later. It's not a bad fillum, it's actually very good. I still can't figure out why though.