June 8, 2009

8 Mile

Written by Scott Silver and directed by Curtis Hanson (LA Confidential, In Her Shoes and The Wonder Boys).

Sex on legs
Dr. Gregory Pratt
The good looking Baldwin's ex beeyotch
Tai from Clueless
Other rappers guys
Other factory guys

With special appearances by Xzibit and Obi Trice.

Sex on legs is an aspiring rapper from the wrong side of the tracks, he has a dream of getting a recording deal. He gots a lotta problems to deal with.

The movie starts with him acting the maggot in front of a mirror, then he gets too excited and ralphs all over the shop. He got some bitch issues so he has to move in with mama (sexy Baldwin's ex). But not after getting stage fright at a club. He takes up a dead-end job at a like factory place, so he can save enough money to make a demo tape, but he keeps like freaking out and gets major slaggings from all these other rapper guys. Oh yeah though in a blondee bratty kid sister and his like best friend Dr. Pratt in there as well.

His life starts to pick up, when he meets Tai from Clueless who takes an interest in him like the skank that she is. Then Dr. Pratt signs him up to rap again at a club cause he thinks he's got talent, sex on legs is shit scared! Then this like dodgy rapper guy tells him that he can get him a demo tape done for free but playa has said shit like that before and he ain't eva followed through.

Things get kinky in the factory, very hot!

Not everything stays all great, moneys tight, he catches Tai from Clueless cheating on him with the dodgy rapper guy, and then he gets in a huge fight with Alec's exs' loser boyfriend and he throws him out.

He gets the crap beated outta him by these bad rapper guys, then he has some issues with Dr. Pratt and the rest of posse.

Then all is good again, he goes to rap on stage and just to spite the other rapper guy he uses all the crap in his own life to rap about so then the other guy has nothing to say. Sex on legs wins!

Verdict - Eminem I so would!
It was a good movie didn't involve a lot of thinking, which Candy can't take to much off.

Deadly soundtrack.