June 13, 2009

Munchie Of The Week


Wanna get super duper hyper during your movie night, and wreck everyone's head? Skittles are the way to go but remember if you don't colour co ordinate and eat them in order of the rainbow colours your family will die.


  1. Well has there is no rainbow on M&Ms one has to eat them from darkest color to lightest but you must avoid the blue ones at all costs, I cannot stress this enough.

  2. Susan, pay no attention to Candy, she thinks all coloured sweets are a sign of trouble.

  3. I was at the bus stop last Wednesday, watching in horror as a young mother just stuffed Skittles willy-nilly into her 3yr old's mouth to stop her crying. The poor child was getting hysterical due to the Mother's total disregard for colour co-ordination.
    I was going to say something, but me bus was on it's way and they don't let you on if you're bleeding.

  4. Chris: It physically hurts me the thought of non colour co-ordinated skittles.


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